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Achieving Herd Immunity From Organizational Toxicity

March 1, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

This Human Dynamics seminar will cover different tools and strategies to help you transform what is toxic into something stronger, more resilient in the face of change, healthier, more adaptable  and more productive.  Dr. Sean Reynolds will again be this year’s presenter.




If everyone in your organization is performing at his or her peak level, you may not want to send anyone to this workshop.  But you will if you have employees who don’t:


  • Understand how they affect others by their gossiping, backbiting, and lack of accountability.
  • Work well as a member of a team through the effective use of giving & receiving feedback.
  • Recognize it is impossible to develop trust without open and honest communication.
  • Achieve productivity and quality targets by eliminating silos and finger pointing.
  • Value an inclusive organizational culture that engages and respects co-workers.
  • Handle stressful situations such as change and interpersonal conflicts calmly.
  • Listen to understand to improve their relationships with others.




For a lot of organizations, the pandemic has brought quality and productivity issues to the surface.  In addition, “drama in the workplace” which we call Organizational Toxicity rears its ugly head impacting people, teams, leadership, and culture.  Participates will discover why there is drama and toxicity, where it originates, and how to eliminate it from your organizational culture.  Using some of the Best Practices in Virtual Training attendees will learn how to handle inevitable unanticipated changes that are critical to your organization’s ongoing success, so they are more productive and less critical.


Our Happy Clients:

“Sean is very knowledgeable and has an awesome delivery with tremendous passion and energy.  I especially liked how he engages everyone in the workshop.”

Cesar Camacho, Production Planning Lead   

Pilot Chemical

“Our team has become better at communicating individually and within the group after attending Dr. Reynolds’ workshops.  The insight and skills that he has provided us has made our group much more comfortable discussing change together and therefore, implementing change is now more productive for the entire organization.”

Chris Brown, Superintendent

Butler County Educational Services Corporation


Additional Sessions:

An afternoon session will be available from 8:07 am – 12:07 pm.



Contact Jim Schneider at 513.518.9045