How We Can Help Your Business Succeed:

Executive Coaching

The goal is to align learning with your Organization’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values. The result is supervisors, managers, and leaders will achieve competency-based goals more rapidly within your organization’s structure and culture.

Organizational Strategies

We partner with you in creative problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, and organizational development. Our goal is to help define and solve the challenges your teams face as they tackle their strategic plan and build capacity.

Training Programs

Our dynamic, fun, interactive, and thought provoking seminars are designed with Accelerative Learning techniques where key concepts are broken down into 20 minute modules that can be combined to meet your learning objectives and performance goals.

Our Vision is to create a world of change initiative agents by equipping them with the skills to lead change when necessary.

Hi, I’m Joe!

I help professionals like you to become effective community and business leaders through seminars, group trainings, and executive coaching with a focus on Servant Leadership.

Our mission is to help others become the person God engineered and designed them to be.

Client Wins

“One of the most important tools an individual or organization can possess is the ability to be self aware. Joe Schneider and his staff at Spirit Seminars are authentic professionals dedicated to learning our story, identifying blind spots, and developing a plan that has allowed us to achieve valued outcomes.”

Craig Konchak, North Cobb Christian School

“Thank you for providing this training opportunity to our team. I always enjoy your workshops and learn something new. Of most value to me was discussing different personality types and learning what strengths each can bring.”

Jared Teaney, Dearborn County 911

Spirit Seminars: 2023 Community Program

Moving Beyond Confrontation: Managing Team Conflict

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to assess your own conflict style and develop a comprehensive conflict management plan for your personal and professional life.

Learn to understand why we have conflict, where conflict comes from, and how to deal with conflict when it erupts.  Participants will break into small groups for interaction and support

You’ll learn to:

  • Identify the various functional styles of co-workers in order to more effectively problem solve.
  • Recognize the difference between aggressive, avoidance, and assertive communication.
  • Use a process of reasoned discourse to move people beyond polarized positions on issues.
  • Model the conflict management behaviors of speaking in specifics” and “checking  perspectives.”
  • Increase the success of their team because of healthy disagreement skills.
  • Understand the difference between argumentation and verbal aggression.
  • Know the four stages of team development.

We’d love to have you join us!

“I teach a highly effective conflict resolution workshop.  Joe’s program is ‘in a league of its own’.  It goes beyond teaching conflict resolution strategies and that’s what makes it so invaluable.”

Dave Coleman, President

Coleman Productions